Beket Ata Petroleum Refinery, hereinafter called the company, developing a petroleum refinery and one Marine Oil Terminal in Krug Area of Mangistau. The company has contracted “Pakpas Engineering and Construction Hong Kong Ltd”, hereinafter called the consultant, to prepare preliminary feasibility and conceptuonal design study.

OAO BEKET ATA MANGISTAU OIL REFINERY will build and operate a new grassroots crude oil refinery in Aktau, Kazakhstan, under the management of ALP

Engineering in partnership with PAPKAS Engineering and construction HK and a local Kazakh engineering company. The refinery will be capable to process 2x200,000

BPD  of predominatelyIranian Light Crude Oil” (33.50 API gravity & 1,50 w% sulphur compounds) fed from the ‘Iran via pipeline’ up to Neka Port and from Neka by

sea-goingtankers to Aktau, Refinery will have the capability to blend with local heavy crude feedstock and make BALBM (Beket Ata Light Blend Mangistau). It will

produce export  quality-refined products such as Diesel, gasoline, kerosene, fuel oil, LPG etc.


The facilities will include 15 days of crude oil storage 25 days of crude oil products’ storage. The storage facilities lay-out will be designed for future expansion.


The crude oil refinery will be state of the art, equipped with latest process technology and controls from the USA and Europe to maximise the product slate and minimise

environmental impact. The refinery will make use of 98% of the barrel of crude to maximise profit and minimise waste. It will be designed to produce product state

confirming to Russia GOST, USA ASTM and European ISO standards.

A new refinery will typically consist of as a minimum the equipment stated below, final design to be confirmed after crude(s) supply composition(s) and crude product








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